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Did you recently move to your new home and want to add something to the lawn to improve its curb appeal? Does the yard outside your business look bare or patchy? Do your gardens look like they can use some TLC? The Luxe team specialises in high quality turfing in Hereford that can transform your outdoor space into the lush and verdant sanctuary of your dreams!

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We Specialise in Expert Turf Installation and Maintenance

Luxe Herefordshire Turf is dedicated to offering top-of-the-line turf maintenance and installation services to residential and commercial clients in the area. Our team of expert professionals can handle projects of all types and sizes. We constantly strive to meet and exceed expectations with our excellent customer service and outstanding workmanship.

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Our lawn turfing services include:

Luxe Turfing services in Hereford provide the best quality of durable lawn turf, freshly cut to order and ready to lay, encouraging easy growth. Our turf grass is grown and harvested by turf growers, the best possible quality cultivated from field to finish. We supply a variety of turf including sport, domestic, and easy lawn, as well as flower and vegetable turf. Our turf is grown for a minimum of 18 months and is fully mature before it is cut and delivered. We also offer next day delivery and distribute our turf throughout the UK. Contact us for a free estimate and to learn more about our topsoil and delivery options.

Our Professional Approach

Our turfing specialists firmly believe that combining the proper methods and good preparation is critical to achieving the best results when creating a new lawn. Our knowledgeable and well-trained staff members know the best practices for turfing in Herefordshire. We will always pay attention when we lay your new property.

Luxe Turfing is your go-to source for top quality lawn turf suppliers in Herefordshire. We offer premium turf grown in our own fields, with delivery and topsoil options available. Contact us for a free turf calculator and competitive seed price, with a minimum order of one lorry load.

The Luxe team’s turfing service follows a simple but efficient approach to get the best results:

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Assessment and Consultation

We will begin with an initial assessment and consultation of your premises. We will familiarise the area and take note of the specific needs of your space.

No-Obligation Quote

Once we’ve completed the initial assessment and quotation, we will prepare a no-obligation quote that includes everything involved in the service.

Turf Selection

We can also help you choose the suitable turf according to your requirements.

Site Clearance and Ground Preparation

We will clear the entire site and prepare the ground. This may involve raking, site levelling, and other necessary prep work.

Turf Laying, Edging, and Watering

Our experts in turfing in Hereford will lay the turf without any gaps between the rolls to achieve that coveted uniform look for your lawn. We will also perform edging to create an aesthetic result that perfectly fits and blends well with the rest of your existing garden features and elements. We will also water your newly installed turf to help it settle.

Clean Up

Once the new turf is all set, our team will tidy up the area. We’ll remove any unused materials and get rid of dirt and debris.

Maintenance Tips

Our job doesn’t stop once we’ve finished cleaning the site.

We will also provide you with a guide to help ensure that you will enjoy your new turf for a long time. It’s not enough to install turf because it also requires regular care to keep it weed-free and to look great for many years.

Why Choose our Turf in Herefordshire?

No matter how small or big your turfing project is, the Luxe team will be more than happy to transform your area with high quality turf you’ll love.

We are proud to be the number one choice of residential and commercial clients in the area for the following reasons:

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A Certified Team You Can Trust

Our turfing specialists are screened and licenced for the job and are always ready to serve you. Our team members undergo ongoing training. We don’t just promise to be the best. We are the best, and we will continue to be. Luxe Turfing Services is proud to offer landscape solutions using only the highest quality, grown and freshly cut turf, delivered straight to your doorstep with fast and reliable despatch, ensuring your lawn turf is grown to the finest and ready for installation.

Trustworthy Local Expertise

When you hire our team for turfing in Hereford, you’ll get to work with a company with long years of local experience. We have a team of certified professionals who are familiar with the local soil conditions in the area, the plant types and life that thrive in the soil, and all the unique challenges you may face.

We also know the services and products that work best for every property. Most of our services and products are specifically designed for the weather conditions in Hereford.

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Garden Turf Hereford personalised

Personalised Service

The Luxe team never follows the traditional cookie-cutter approach with our turfing services and plant health care. Unlike other companies out there, we don’t apply the same programs and materials to every property we work on. Our clients always appreciate that our services are personalised according to the needs of their property and personal goals. This unique approach is what allows us to achieve the best results.

At Luxe Turfing Services in Hereford, we take pride in delivering our high-quality turf directly to your doorstep. Our turf is grown in the lush fields of Herefordshire and is cut fresh to order, ensuring the highest quality standards. Whether you’re starting a new garden or need to lay turf in the autumn, we’ve got you covered. With reliable distribution and a start to finish service, we guarantee the finest and most durable turf supplies in the area. Contact us today to experience the best possible turf delivery service in Herefordshire.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you install turf during the winter months?

While it’s possible to install turf in winter, warm-season turf will enter the so-called period of dormancy when temperatures drop significantly. It means that your lawn will have slowed growth with signs of slight discolouration. It may also take more time for the turf to establish and may not even fully show until the spring months kick in.

How long must I wait before I can lawn my new lawn for the first time?

You can only mow your new lawn when there are no longer fresh turf rolls that might be picked up or when all the rolls are already set into the turf underlay. Make sure you move at the highest and freshest setting during the first few mows. Don’t cut over 1/3 of the blade at a time.

How long will the establishment period of my new lawn take?

The establishment period may vary depending on your chosen turf variety, the weather, and the season or time of the year. This can take anywhere between four weeks and six months. The easiest way to tell is if you can no longer lift the turf easily from the ground, which indicates that the new root system has already settled.

Watering your turf should be done twice daily, morning and afternoon until the lawn is thoroughly established. Make sure the turf gets deep soaking between afternoon and morning before you reduce the amount to once every 2 or 3 days in the following weeks.

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