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What’s the secret to attracting more clients and customers to your business? While excellent service and quality products are given, there’s one thing that many business owners often overlook: their landscaping.

Believe it or not, landscaping Hereford makes more customers come through your doors. Luxe landscape Gardeners Hereford, takes great pride in being one of the top companies in the area. 

We’ve established our reputation by providing creative, efficient, and sustainable solutions that can enhance the appearance of your premises, increase its value, and boost your sales. 

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We Specialise in Beautiful
Commercial Landscaping 

Landscaping Hereford Commercial

Keeping your company’s grounds attractive and safe is a great way to portray a positive image among your employees and customers. Our landscaping services use environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions that offer the best value for money. 

Our team of landscape gardeners in Hereford will rigorously inspect every nook and corner of your property and share expert recommendations. 

We revitalise your landscapes with our services in Hereford which include:

At Luxe we provide top-quality outdoor solutions for your business, including patio paving, fence or deck installation, hedge trimming, and more. Our best landscape gardeners are available to provide a quote for your space, and with over 16 years’ experience, we pride ourselves on being an independent landscape gardening business with a proven track record. 

Whether you need a full landscape construction service or just help with weed control, our award winning team can provide tailored solutions that will transform your narrow spaces into stunning landscapes and gardens. Trust Luxe for the provision of your business landscaping needs.

Our Professional Approach

When our clients think of landscaping, they usually only think of the final product. They have this vision in mind of the different design elements they want. But what they don’t realise is that we follow a process to transform the most ordinary business properties into stunning works of art. 

Whether you want us to revitalise your existing business landscaping Hereford or need our help to create a design from scratch, we adhere to a methodical approach to developing the best plan. 

We will consider everything within your property line to create a cohesive and creative design that will complement your existing architecture and perfectly harmonize with its surroundings. 

The Planning Process

Every process always starts with a plan. To develop a plan that suits your needs, we will discuss your timeline, workable budget, vision for your space, and how you plan to use it. 

We will walk around the site while planning to visualise the design better. We will also take our time in clarifying your specific requirements because your satisfaction is always our priority. Every client is unique, so that we will explore your preferences and needs. 

The Design Process

After a thorough discussion with you about your budget and goals for your project, we will scrutinise your space one more time and start considering all possibilities. A good design involves a natural flow through your property as its crucial element. We will assess your area to identify the most natural course of movement. We will also create focal points to make the design stand out and highlight all focal points. 

The Actual Landscaping Work

Our experts will arrive at the site in their uniforms and get to work immediately. We won’t dilly-dally to prevent any disruptions to your business operations. We will also update you on the progress so you can proudly show off our masterpiece. 


Luxe Landscape Gardeners Hereford commercial
Commercial Landscapers Hereford

At Luxe business Landscaping Services, we take completing every project to the highest standard seriously. Our team of professionals cut back and maintain your space with attention to detail, providing speedy and onsite services for your convenience. We pride ourselves on offering a high quality landscape construction service, delivered with the honesty and integrity you would expect from an established business.

Our high-quality workmanship ensures that we leave your premises tidy, and we also provide exceptional customer service. Our partnership approach is responsive to your needs, and we can combine our services to meet your requirements, including cleaning services. Let us help transform your space into a beautiful and functional area you can be proud of.

Why Choose our
Services in Hereford?

Landscaping isn’t just about putting some plants here and there. The process requires lots of work. If you want to say goodbye to all your landscaping woes, here are why you should choose the Luxe team. 

We Offer Dedicated Commercial Landscaping Care

We don’t just design landscapes. We maintain and care for them. We’ll take care of everything outside your business so you can focus on your core tasks. 

commercial landscaping hereford dedicated
Commercial Landscaping Hereford

We Ensure Your Property’s Safety 

A bustling business has many things going on that it’s easy to overlook some possible dangerous spots. Wouldn’t you want your clients and employees to trip and fall because of an uprooted shrub? Let our  experts do their job and always keep your property safe. 

We Maintain the Aesthetics of Your Commercial Premises

At Luxe, we always stays on top of all the needs of your premises. When you work with our team, you will never have to worry about your business looking great from the outside. 

Commercial Hereford Landscaping
Hereford Landscapers Commercial

We Provide Expert Service 

Expert service is what we do best. We’ve spent money and countless hours to perfect the art of business landscaping in Herefordshire in the best and most efficient way possible. Our team members have years of experience, certifications, and training required for the job. 

Luxe Gardening Services provides professional services in all aspects of landscaping and gardening, from designing and installing water features to regular maintenance contracts. 

We ensure completion of every project to the highest standard, and offer quarterly visits to prevent overgrow and maintain your space.Our wide range of services is catered to meet your specific needs, and we have an experienced landscape gardener with over 16 years of experience on hand to offer expert advice.

They’re also available to provide onsite support and guidance. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can transform your office and outdoor space.

Landscape gardeners Hereford Commercial

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose the materials and plants you’ll use for my business landscaping?

Absolutely yes! You always have the final say in everything we do, but please note that our landscape designers have long years of experience in the industry. Some materials and plants may also be not suitable for your space. So while you’re the one who decides on the plants and materials, we recommend that you listen to our advice before you finalise your decision. 

Is landscaping noisy?

Yes, there are times when landscaping may get a bit noisy. We might need equipment and machinery to contour your garden and move soil. We may also need cement mixers, stone saws, and chainsaws to do our job. However, rest assured that our team will do our very best to reduce noise in consideration of your business and other people and businesses around you. 

How long will my landscape makeover take?

The duration of any landscaping Hereford project depends on your space. It may take just three days up to several weeks. Don’t worry; the Luxe team will inform you of the timeframes to set expectations. 

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